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1 st Rangefinder!


New Member
Hello! I have just started shooting with my Contax G2, the first RF I've ever owned. I haven't shot film since 2004, and am looking forward to something new.
I've never tried the Contax G range. I've been using a Leica M3, on and off, for over twenty years. I've then bought an Epson R-D1 and an M6, so I'm fairly well tied-in to the Leica M-mount. Though I do have a Zeiss Biogon 28mm f2.8 in a ZM-mount.

I really like my AX, so it would be nice to try a G or G2 to see what they're like. Maybe one day when have some money?

Nick, I debated hard and long whether to go for a Leica, and finally decided against it because of the expense. I have used a lot of formats, but have been wanting to shoot color with a rangefinder and I just 'landed' on the G2!
I have shot mostly B&W with view camera's for my personal work, and have been shooting all digital for the past several years...

Hi Walter and congratulations on a great camera!
I have a G2, bought when they first came out, along with the 21mm, 28mm, 35, 45 and 90mm.
You will find that these lenses are excellent, not many better (I use mine, except the 21mm, on my Nex5)

I also have a Leica M6 and Zeiss Ikon ZM (lovely!) ... as you can see I like Rangefinders

Happy shooting!