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137 MD focus screen

Hi all anybody tell me if a RTS 1 focus screen would fit a 137 MD,I need a screen badly and have been offered the chance to buy one that fits a RTS 1. Hate to say this but it's a bit urgent as I am not the only one wanting this screen! Thanks in anticipation.Andy.
The 137MD doesn't take interchangeable screens. If you need another screen, then it may be a case of purchasing a scrap 137 and seeing if the screen can be removed from it and adding to your camera, which won't be easy as the screen will probably be glued into place. It seems to me as though you'd need to get a camera repairer involved to make the transfer.

I've just checked the interweb and my old 137MD and there doesn't seem to be any way of using the RTS screens in a 137.

Have a look at this site:


You'll see that the RTS screens, like those for the RTS II and the AX which I also own, always have tabs on their front edges to assist with the removal and insertion. Those on the 137 don't have them. I would have loved to have been able to change the screen on the 137 to a gridded one, as I've done on the RTS II and AX, but it can't be done.

137 focus screen

Thank you all for the info,not sure where to go with this old girl now,had a quote a while ago to do seals,mirror cushion,new screen service and clean a trace of fungus out of the viewfinder that was £85+parts+carriage+vat the time the final bill totalled up I think I could source a nice secondhand RTS etc,trouble while very tatty it's working perfectly mechanically and optically,got to seriously think this through it's always operated in sub zero and extreme dessert temps in very arduous conditions so I have a soft spot for it! It's seen a few lenses come and go but is built like a brick,don't make them like this any more thats for sure,Anyway many thanks for all your help really appreciated.Andy