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1ds 580 flash dilema

I just purchased a Canon 580 flash for my 1ds and I want it to do a very simple thing. I want the flash to properly expose my subject at the aperture I choose, in order for the background to be 2-3 stops underexposed. I have contacted Canon and was told that the 580 won't allow me to do this! What the 580 does is expose the subject properly at my chosen aperture, but chooses the shutter speed based on the BACKGROUND instead of the subject! Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance.


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well, this is because everybody wants a picture NOT to have a flash look, i.e. bright foreground and substantial light fall-off towards the background. if you still want to have it your way, just shoot in a manual mode. as somewone who owns a 1Ds M2/580 combo you are supposed to know how to do it.
That;s the problem. When the 1ds is in Manual Mode, it uses my designated aperture to have the flash expose the subject, but sets the shutter speed to the background. I want it to ignore the background, because as a commercial photographer, I sometimes want the subject brighter than the backgrond, and I should be able to control that. According to Canon, it's impossible.>


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Michael, as a commercial photographer, you should know that in a manual mode camera does not set anything, you do. Believe me, 580 is a much more user-friendly flash than Contax TLA360, which I used professionally for eight years. You'll manage.


> [I don't own a 580EX (yet) but if you are shooting in the camera's"manual" > mode it will not set ANYTHING automatically on the camera-I shoot like > this most all the time because I want to control the exposure-the flash > (mine is a 550EX and gives me properly exposed images albeit having to use > the FEL on my 10D at times) will simply tell you where it's proper > shooting distance (closest and furthest) for correct exposure is-hope this > helps...]
I think I've solved the problem. I leave the flash on ETTL, set the camera on Manual; then set my aperture and shuter speed wherever I want, and the flash regulates its output according to the aperture.

I've been a Canon guy for almost 40 years (with a few Nikons in between that were quickly eliminated). I love the camera, and especially the lenses.
Yes, this does help.

As someone who came from the old school - Canon FX, FT, FT-b, F1's) sometimes technology approaches overwhelming.

Thanks to all.