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2135mm R



When I got this lens the focus ring had some 'rough spots' where it seemed to be catching. I sat for about 30 minutes just turning the ring back and forth, it is now very smooth. I know I should have sent it back, but it took about 5 weeks to arrive so I wasn't letting it go!

Is this roughness normal?

Mine did not seem to have any stiffness or rough spots when I got it.

While this is not "normal" it is not unheard of. Should the rough spot work out easily and quickly as yours did I would not worry nor would I send it back.

Probably just a little (could be microscopic) manufacturing burr on the helix and nothing to worry about (yes, I know it's a little disconcerting given the price - but all things man made have irrelevant faults).

Should you notice any grinding developing do get it looked at at once.

By the way, aren't the shots spectacular with this lens? Crisp and snappy. I like it!
Oh yes, no complaints about the quality of the glass at all! Sweet as a nut even wide open. I'm getting the 50mm 1.4 next as the zoom is a little on the slow side.
I'm a bit late on this, but experienced the same thing.
I had one of the first ones in the country, so it's been awhile. I worked itself out and has been as smooth as a baby's bottom ever since. Don't worry about it.
Any results yet? How does it compare with the 2,8/24mm and the 2,8/28mm ?
I am very interested to invest on this R21-35. Would like to listen more re this quality of lens. I have read the report from Mr Erwin Puts and sounds very good. The only thing that I am a bit slow is its medium aperture at 3.5+. A wide angle which uses sometimes in door at artifical flood light need an aperture to catch the motion.
Pls comment!
visit Leica's offical website and you'll find some articles there.
Dear Phil:

Regarding the rough spots that you experienced when turning the focusing ring on you 21-35mm zoom R lens, have you had anymore problems like that lately? If not, then it's probably all right. When you did experience this roughness when turning the focusing ring, do you recall if the lens was mounted on a body, or were you just holding the lens by itself? Rotating the focusing ring with the rear lens cap on actually causes a vacuum effect within the lens while turning it, which sometimes makes the focusing ring a bit more difficult to turn, due to the internal vacuum effect generated. Try rotating the focusing ring with the rear lens cap off, and the lens not mounted to a body, and you will probably find that the focusing ring turns a bit easier. Moreover, when you store your lens, make certain that you don't always store your lens in the same position all of the time. An easy way to go about this is to store your lens upright during the even number months, and then store your lens upside down during the odd number months. If you store the lens on the same side all of the time, the grease on the threads inside the lens will accumulate all on one side do to gravity, and then the focusing ring may start to become harder to turn, especially in the cold climates.