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300D - the time when Canon challenged the photoindustry


Canon announced the Canon 300D in August 2003 for less than 1000 Euro. 6MP, APS-C (crop factor of 1.6).

Normally such big announcement are at Photokina. Photokina was at that time the biggest photofair worldwide and every 2 years, the who is who of the photo industry came to Germany, Cologne to present their newest products on huge stands. Internet was still young and in some meetings, high-ranked decison makers still thought, that internet would be not that important :teufel-grinsend-schwanz:

All other brands have been shocked from this announcement. Some brands withdrew their plans to announce specific new models to rethink their strategy.

That performance at a price tag below 1000 Euro was at that time unbelievable and changed the whole industry.

My first Canon was surprisingly a lot later. A Canon 450D and then a second hand Canon 5D MK1. But I never will forget, how the Canon 300D announcement shaked up the whole industry and how everybody at Photokina was talking about it.

How did you experienced your first "touch" with a Canon Rebel ?
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The Digital Rebel (US) was my first DSLR. I had a Kodak DC4800 that shot good pics, but took forever to shoot them. Shutter lag was terrible.
Your 2006 date made me double check. One of my first pics -
  • Canon - Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL
  • 180.0 mm
  • ƒ/5
  • 1/60 sec
  • Pattern
  • Auto exposure
  • ISO 400

has a 2/13/2004 date on it. A quick trip to DPR says the 300D was intro'ed in Aug. 2003. https://www.dpreview.com/products/canon/slrs/canon_eos300d
Maybe it just took longer to get to Europe. :)
You are correct, Announcement was in August 2003, deliverey around September 2003 in Europe. I corrected this in my posting above. Sorry for the wrong date.
If it hadn't been for the date in the exif I would have never caught it. I suck at dates.
My first thought was I didn't set the camera right. And I have a year of pics from my FZ1000 to prove that's possible.
I bought my very first DSLR back in late August of 2005, a Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D). Up until then I'd been shooting with an Olympus C-5050 camera which at the time had seemed like the greatest camera in the world compared to the $147 Kodak point and shoot camera I'd had before that.

But then I bought the Digital Rebel XT and began expanding my photography horizons as I learned more and more about photography. I remember my #1 problem back then was dust spots on the sensor.

I'll always look back on those years with a smile on my face.
Canon's Rebel 300D was my first digital camera. I loved its ergonomics. It felt so comfortable to hold and use. I was considering a Canon point and shoot but an article by Ken Rockwell comparing point and shoot sensors to DSLR sensors convinced me to build a money stash to purchase a DSLR. As I began saving the 300D appeared. Although I no longer use my 300D I still have it and will never sell it. The camera bag holding my three Canon SLR cameras has been collecting dust for nearly 20 years.
Yes! That´s how I was drawn to the photography. Just bought recently some very ugly Olympus bridge camera, and needed to get rid of it. So, I searched around, and while it was a 350D time, i have heard a lot about 300D. Didn´t have money though, so it took me another year to make enough money, at which time 400D was availyble already. Just year after. So I got that one, and had lovely time with it. Now I laugh at it, but it brought me a lot of joy. Too bad very few photos survived the test of time.
My first DSLR was a Rebel XT / 350D in 2007. It replaced a rarely use Pentax ME Super 35mm. Instead of the kit lens, I bought the body and a Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC Macro, later adding a Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM. I still have all three, although I use my T8i / 850D now instead of the 350D. But I still use the Sigma and Canon lenses. In fact I've not bought any other lenses, at least not for myself. Maybe I need to upgrade my glass, but first I need to upgrade my environs.