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35mm Summicron preASPH on a CL


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I have read conflicting reports, but would like some first-hand experience. Has anyone used a 35 Summicron, canadian tab-focus version, an a CL? Is there reason to believe that it will not work? Stephen Gandy's sight suggests that it might not work, but I have read elsewhere that there is no problem...

- marc
Dear Marc.

It works. I have used numerous different 35mm Summicrons on the CLE and ocassionally my cousin's CL.

The focusing cam is steeper on CL lenses and hence the camera responds differently. Provided it focuses perfectly at infinity, all should be well.

Have fun.

Thanks, Hektor - so the rear element does not interfere with the metering flag? That was my main concern.

- marc
Dear Marc,

The Summicron 35mm does not interfere with the metering "flag" of the CL.

Best wishes.

My CL just arrived and it has a mark on the metering flag :) I presume somebody tried to mount a 21mm SA or something. Anyway, the Summicron worked great, plenty of clearance for the rear element. The camera's meter seems a bit jumpy, probably nothing to do with the lens. Thanks for the info and take care!
Look into the CL-body from behind; there is a frame at the bottom between the flag and the back element of the lens. So You can control, before putting the lens in the last position of mounting.

E.g. with that method You will find that the Super Angulon 3,4/21mm fits (!), but ONLY (!!!) in the close focus position. If focussed away, the ring of the last element touches the body frame.

B.t.w. I wished the Leica M had the same selective light metering as the good-old-CL...

Any way be cautious with the flag, if the lens is away for changing or mounting a distance ring (e.g. with using VISOFLEX 2) - it is a rare part from a camera system where production ended 21 years ago.

Have fun with the little beauty!

P.s. one reason why i did not buy the MINOLTA CLE is that the body does not accept longer back parts like in the first 1,4/35m (the bokey Ch&).

Actually I've used my 35 summilux on a CLE for years. You only have to remove the very thin black rimmed ring at the rear. That's all there is to it.

Best regards,

Michiel Fokkema
That could be a solution because CLE is as comfortable as M7... But: Does the back lens has contact with ground if it stands without cap on the table?
Dear Michiel,

that is very important to know that, to have the risk in mind. Scratches on the back surface have more influence on the picture than failures of the front element.

Thank You & Nice weekend!