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35mm Summilux with goggles



Can this 35mm Summilux use on the M6 classic? Yesterday I tried to put this on the M6, the meter worked, but when I viewd the viewfinder, the image to infinity wasn't matched. Is this a normal condition?



You should be able to use the 35 ‘cron (with goggles) on the M6 with no trouble. I sometimes use my 35 ‘cron (goggle version) on my M5 and M7 (0.72) and it works well.

It sounds like the auxiliary optics of the lens is out of alignment or bent forward or back. This happened to me with my Elmarit M 135 (also with goggles). The goggles when bent slightly forward so that the RF patch image did not line up properly at infinity. You could try pulling back on the bridge part of the spectacles with a little finger pressure (gently but firmly) to see if this is the case for you.

Good luck and I hope you find a solution soon, Craig


Dear Tsang,

Some years ago I had that problem with the 1:2.8/135 Elmarit-M which has similar "goggles". It needed fine adjustment by Leica. Considering the mount is cast, I don't know how it can be bent!

Have you checked infinity with your other lenses. The camera might also need calibration.

Best wishes.




Justin is correct. The goggle arrangement is quite solid. When I wrote bent I should have qualified it by "bent". You cannot realign the goggles by simply bending them back into place, Sorry for any confusion caused.

The auxiliary optics will, however, flex with a little pressure placed at the top of the bridge. A simple test, which may help to confirm that it is the additional optics of the lens that are out of alignment rather than RF mechanism of your M6. If the lens arrangement is not properly centered it will need to be sent away for correct alignment.

In my experience these lenses are quite good and it is well worthwhile going to the trouble of having it repaired.



Craig & Justin,

Thanks for your reply. I think it's the problem with the lens, because my M6 can focus normally with a 50mm lens.

I'll check the goggles.


I also heard that this 35mm'cron (Goggles) can be modified to be used on M6 without the goggles. Do you think that it's a good idea for me.


Hi Tsang

I’ve had my 35 Summicron (goggles version) for nearly twenty years, mainly for use with my M3. But is does also find its way on to the M5 and M7 (0.72) from time to time.

I believe that particular lens design was produced in a number of versions SM, bayonet, and with special VF attachment for the M3. Optically, they are quite good lenses.

Some people hate the look you get via the additional optics of the M3 version, but it has never really bothered me, and I quite like the different view. The goggles also give the camera some additional character IMO.

I have taken that 35 ‘cron literally everywhere and never had any problem with the lens, concerning the auxiliary viewfinder attachment. It has even survived many years of rigorous professional work, and it is still perfectly aligned.

My inclination would be to try and keep it in original condition, but others may have different views.

Regards craig


Any 35mm Leica lens with goggles should fit any M-Leica with a 50mm frame in the viewfinder. If the rangefinder isn't correct (and without them it is) then the goggles need adjustment. When the fault is small this adjustment is not nessecary because the dept-of-field of the sharpness zone is large enough. However, it is not possible using the lens without the goggles, for focusing will be totally incorrect (exept for infinity). You cannot modify the lens, as it is far more economical to look for a lens without the goggles, optically they are exactly the same.

best regards,