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50mm Summilux differents versions


Hello all,

I’ve read a lot of reviews of the three versions of this lens : 11114 (E43), 11168 (E46), and the new ASPH.

I actually own the Summicron M 50mm (11825) produced during 1978-1994, the mainly point I see the Summilux as a more attractive lens is just the contrary as the “defects†it seems it has, less contrast and sharpness, except on the 5,6 – 16 range as is said by E. Puts, the fingerprint of Summicron and Summilux is the same.

Erwin Puts says that “the older Summilux paints as Rembrandt, the new as Vermeer…â€, on the other side on the Leica FAQ pages, I’ve visited http://4020.net/unposed/, I’ve also visited http://photos.oliversteiner.com/.

With Summicron I’ve never get the subtle tones I’ve see on these pictures; for my preferences I think that I don’t need the expensive ASPH.

I would like know your opinions, between the E43 and E46, and if it pays the difference with the Summicron, for my personal experience a stop of F2 is generally enough, the only point is about the difference in tones, gradation…

Thanks for your opinions
I have never been happy with the first two `lux lenses. My Summarit has done better than several mint first designsex&les in side by side tests, and the second has significant distortion and is not not sharp `til f8. But if you NEED 1.4, and don`t have the money for a new model, take your choice as they are both nice.
I am considering the new third version.
My personal approach is not a NEED of 1,4, for me this is only a little more comfort. For me, that I already have the 50 Summicron and the new Elmar, is a question of rendition in tones, subtle colour tones, rich graduation in B&W etc..., maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not concerned for the flare, sharpness etc.. For these reasons I have such questions, is not only to see and maybe decide in between the 2 or 3 Lux versions, it's too about the differences in the mentioned concepts with the "Cron". Best regards Luis