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801s 8008s



Have recently purchased used 801s, working perfectly as I write this. Any recommendations for accessories appreciated eg remote release, battery pack or other useful items to look out for?
Regards, Bertie


Did You find something regarding battery-pack (hand-grip) for 801s?
As far as I know, Nikon never made any battery-grip either for 801 or 801s; but maybe, some under-brand did it.
801 might get MB-10 (battery-pack of F90 and F90x), but it does not fully close to the bottom plate; screw goes in, yet.
I found as a fine and useful accessory, the MF-21 Multi-functions data-back and it is easy to find it as inexpensive, too: since 801 and 801s went (wrongly) less researched over the years, this Data-back too, had less market; but there are several (used or unsold-new) MF-21 (or 20) around, still!

Greetings from ITALIA !


Who is interested on MF-21 Data Back may have a look at:

History of Nikon Data-Backs (in English):
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Nomenclature as brief instructions (in English) - PDF/Adobe Acrobat
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Picture and description (in German) + Links to buy it on eBay:
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