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A7RV tethering to Capture1Pro for Mac and iPad, jpgs only?


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This is a huge, frustrating issue that I've putz'd with for hours, without a solution on both Sony & Capture One Pro for Mac & iPad.

I only shoot raw with my newly-purchased A7RV, as well as my A7R3. I CAN import Sony raw files to C1Pro 23, either by using a card reader OR, by setting my Sony USB settings to MASS STORAGE. No Problems, works well with either camera.

-Problem is, IF on the A7RV, I tether to my Mac or iPad Pro (Still set to raw), the A7RV will ONLY shoot and transfer a low resolution JPG to C1Pro 23. A7RV IS still set to RAW, and any of the various raw file options available in C1Pro settings. JPGS are NOT selected (NO Raw+Jpg).

-In Camera information under TETHERING in C1Pro 23, RAW is selected in ALL areas where I have an option to select different file formats.

-In the naming convention options window on C1Pro 23, the sample file name always appends to JPG, but raw is selected in C1Pro everywhere else!!

-My A7R3 has NONE of these issues tethering to the Mac or iPad Pro. I set raw, it tethers my raw file.

I need to tether the A7RV to C1Pro 23.
Hi: I'm replying to my own thread with a positive resolution to this issue. When I have tech problems, I tend to post my issues on up to 4 different forums, to garnish as much assistance quickly, as I can. I thought I updated DPR Forum but I guess I didn't!

Thanks in-part to a suggestion from a member on https://www.sonyalphaforum.com, (as well as The Luminous Landscape forum) it was suggested that I troll the Network settings on the RV. Upon my initial search, I found in Network on the camera, USB-LAN/Tethering then Tethering Connection. When I enabled this option, the camera says I need to connect my USB-C cable. When I did that, Capture One said no camera connected. SO that was initially a frustrating dead end.

I started trolling other options in the Network family of options and found... (see 3 screenshots) Network option #1 Cnct./PC Remote, Remote Shoot Setting, Save Image Size, ORIGINAL. When the camera was only tethering jpgs to capture one, instead of ORIGINAL, JPG was the selected option. Now all is well on iPad & MacBook Pro.

This solution magnifies my frustration with the Sony menu system. If a shooter sets the camera to shoot raw, or any other available file format, that's the setting that should work in the camera. Why Sony sets the option for a low res jpg as a tether, is beyond my understanding. Especially considering my A7R3 worked as expected out of the box, without me having to waste an hour of my time trying to find a solution to a critical part of my workflow.

Still a great camera and I'm learning more every day!


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