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And yet one more...


... refugee from DPReview. DPR was not new when I arrived in Aug 2010 but it felt comffortable from the start. Hopefully a similar experience awaits here.

Most of what I've done is landscape/travel starting in (I think!) the late '40s when my grandfather gave me his old Brownie box camera. I discovered I could process my own b/w film and jumped into that for awhile. I moved on to 35mm and went thru a number of cameras over the years. When digital cameras started getting (sort of!!) affordable I went that way trying what I could afford. Currently I have Canon, Sony and Panasonic APS-C and 4/3 sensor digital cameras plus an embarrassing number of lenses. For some reason I never had interest in movies/videos.
Welcome Bruce, from SE Wisconsin!

As for the allure of video, I find that sometimes a short video clip gets the idea across better than a still photo. I know that's sacrilege, but there it is. Example: I brought my wife and daughter with me this morning to the airgun range. A short (< 30 sec.) video showing them shooting and exclaiming with glee "I hit the spoon!" is a lot of fun. Give it a try at your next family gathering, maybe?

Enjoy your stay.