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Animals - 70-200/2.8 test


Hi there everione.

As I said in previous post
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I'm now posting some pictures which I shot few days ago in local zoo. I've bought a 70-200/2.8 lens and I had to test it. I'm very pleased with the lens, it performs perfect at 2.8, but sometimes it doesn't know what to focus, it gets confused, but manual correction is fast and simple. I gues I'll have to get used to it, it shouldn't be problem because I have to do that with all my lenses sometimes. For my use its ok.

OK lets get to the pictures. As I said I gave a lens to the test, so all images are taken at 2.8 at diferent light diferent focal lenght, diferent iso, in some pictures I've used AF in some MF (MF is realy smple and fast also).



focus to the trunk (elephants nose)





this image didn't came out as good as I thought because the shot was taken trough the fence which is still visible as lack of contrast and blurines on the eye and below the mouth.

And that's it. Hope you like it. I do. And to be hones, the lens doesn't always focus well(the focus is OK, but it's soft, if you know what I mean), and some pictures are not as sharp as theese. BTW images are not sharpend extra in PS, just in SPP to 1.0 mark. But we are talking about 2.8, at f4 is sharper than knife.