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Any idea on what is causing this??


I have just returned from taking a few images with my new camera.

Camera is a SD14 with Leica mount, i was using an Elmarit 28mm f2.8 lens/

I am seeing a major problem, at first i thought it was simply lens flare, as i was shooting towards the sun, so i turned 180 degrees and took more images, on some shots the same issue is visible, does anyone have any suggestions? I understand that the sun reflecting off the rocks may have cased it, but i can't figure out how or why it has occurred with the tree reflecting in the pond shot!

Here are a couple of images:

View attachment 1776

View attachment 1777

Any help would be appreciated.




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The Magenta region in the center of the image is reminiscent of the behaviour of the SD14 when the Dust Protector/IR blocking hot mirror is removed for broad spectrum or IR photography. In this mode, the phenomenon is uniform across the whole image and is characterized by the strong adjacent signal on the Red photodiodes causing a suppression of the Green signal.

Steve, with your camera, does this happen on every image ?

Have you tried shooting a uniformly white surface to see if this manifests under controlled conditions ? (Note that the Autofocus will not lock on a contrast less uniformly white field, set focus to manual.)

Many people here have shot photos where the Sun was near or within the field of view, including myself, and no one else has mentioned experiencing a center Magenta hot spot.

I've noticed that the EXIF data was lacking in the files that you loaded into your post, so what were your camera settings ?

Do you have a second lens to see if this is an issue with the lens used or a common issue with the SD14 ?
Hi Steaphany,

Thanks for the reply, i am using one of Luis' dedicated Leica R mounts, with a Elmarit 28mm lens. Hence no EXIF as manual settings only. The waterfall shot was approx 1.5 second exposure at 50iso f16.

I have emailed Luis and i am waiting for his reply. He has the lens listed as a fully compatible lens, but the information was passed on to him by a 3rd party. Luis is concerned that the lens light sheild may be touching the filter, as the lens does not lock into position properly. I have carefully checked for any visible signs of this, but it all looks OK. So maybe this is evidence of the filter being physically distorted by the lens :eek:

It is not on all shots, but i took about 70 shots today and i would say it was on at least 50 of them.

Here is a screen capture from SPP. Sorry about the size of the image, but i wanted to keep it as large as possible so you could see the problems.



I feel you may be onto the mechanism with:
evidence of the filter being physically distorted by the lens :eek:

If you look at my thread:

SD14 Infrared Success, sorta, well closer the image described as Color Corrected demonstrates a central IR bias fading to a normal color rendition at the periphery of the image as the angle of light through an external Tiffen Hot Mirror varies.

If the lens is in contact with any part of the SD14's Dust Protector/Hot Mirror, either the filter itself or the frame, any distortion could alter the angle of light and cause the effect your seeing.

FYI, I broke my Dust Protector/Hot Mirror, see the thread Broken Glass in my SD14, so be warned that it can not take much stress.
Hi Steaphany,

I have just removed the filter and refitted the lens, it didn't help with the mounting issue, so i am very confident that the lens is not touching the filter.

I have just sent Luis the RAW file so he can have a look.

My other Leica lenses should arrive next week, so hopefully i can draw some more conclusions when i attach a different lens. The fact that a few photo's are OK is somewhat confusing though!



Take a high power flashlight....and shine it thru the lens with the aperture wide open...check to see if you have fungal growth or cleaning marks....inside the lens... this really should not affect the image....but maybe something is causing the sensor to capture a different light image when the lens is on...

I have the Nikon F conversion I have not had this issue with my sigma....but one of my MF nikon lenses with a nikon camera produced this not in the center but around the outside....it was a 50mm f1.4 E lens....it had fungal growth on the outside....ebay lens...I took the lens apart and cleaned it the fungus left tracks in the lens...but other than that the pictures started to come out better...

Maybe this will help maybe not....the other thing you can try going back to what Steaphany said about the IR hotspots..try taking shots at higher f-stops....if it goes away..then you have a hotspot issue...

Tony C.
Thanks Tony,

I don't believe it is a problem with the camera or Luis' mount, i am hoping it is the lens, but i must say it has me stumped!

There is no evidence of fungus, the elements are very clean, however it is an old lens, and who knows how it has been treated in the past.

I'll post any updates as soon as i discover anything.



You defiantly have a hot-spot....do you have a polarizer you can try with the lens to see if this corrects it.....??

It actually starts in the center and goes out like a triangle around the bottom of the picture...you can see it with my grossly blown out image I played with...

View attachment 1780

I am interested in seeing what Luis has to say....also look at this site....and post your concerns there too...he might check his site more often...


I would be interested to hear what he says.....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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I have been talking to Luis this evening by email, unfortunately living half a world away creates time issues.

He has been wonderful, providing a wealth of ideas. He is just about to leave home now, so i will probably hear back from him tomorrow after he studies the X3F file. He certainly provides great customer service.