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Aurizon bulk coal train

Really nice angle/perspective. I like the lighting, the IQ, the horn and the heat waves. Plus, head-to-tail. Poking around on the web, I'm thinking... these are UGL C44aci "6000" class locomotives? What does "MC50" mean?
Thanks @1975_M5! I went out to get photos of a trial run of a heritage GM locomotive (I will posts a few shots later although they're already on my Flickr page) and this train just happened to come along while I was waiting, which was a bonus.

Yes, these are UGL C44aci units. A number of different operators use them but they all use different class numbering to make things confusing.

MC50 is the train number. Train numbering is also somewhat confusing here in Australia but this one means the train came from Metropolitan Colliery (MC) and the 50 means that it departed between 6am and midday and is loaded (even number).

The Australian numbering scheme is detailed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Train_reporting_number_(Australia)
Also... to my eyes, the lighting and DOF create a bit of T-S "ACDSee" diorama effect (just a little bit) -- I like it.