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Auto file name


Active Member
Anyone advise how I can get my camera to auto file name?
Every time I download pix from my Nikon Coolpix 800 and try to save in the same folder on my computer as the last batch it tries to overwrite.

TIA - Charlie.

As I have some 30,000+ images from a couple of Nikon digital cameras on my drives, there are several sets with the same numbers. I have a system, to avoid problems.

When I transfer the images, I transfer the folder in which they are - rather than just the images themselves.

I rename the folder immediately with the month "08."; the date I made the transfer "August 14, 3003" and a couple of keywords.

Thus when I am looking for an image, I can quickly find the folder and then find the image by its thumbnail.

This helps making finding images quick and simple, and eliminates the problem you are having, since names are not particularly relevant.