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autumn has come


Well-Known Member

Nice set...I like #1, #5, #6...the best...nice shot...very good detail in 5 and 6.....please keep posting more...

Tony C.:z04_yes:


Well-Known Member
Uwe, thanks for sharing.

Good luck with the shivers of the season, whilst I regain my tan on my lily-white legs. ;)

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

Discover the light on your journey.

Guest .

Hi Uwe,

a very nice set of colourful pictures! :z02_respekt:

I think, I like the spiderweb most! The way, the light illuminates the spinning threads .... very nice to watch indeed!

See you with such nice pictures



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Thanks for sharing, Klaus and Valery. The top end of the world requires warm clothing for its inhabitants whilst here down under, we are heading for summer.

Sincere regards, Jim R.