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Back Necked Grebe - Rare breeder in the UK though very widespread elsewhere in the world.


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Visited St Aidan's reserve in Yorkshire to see the Black Necked Grebes that breed there. The Latin name is Podiceps nigricollis and it is called Eared Grebe in the USA.

The RSPB report that only about 55 pairs breed in the UK but it's looking like they are doing well in this old open cast mine site with three pairs in a short stretch of water right next to a busy path. They seem to have become very tolerant of people. Unfortunately water side vegetation prevents a lower camera position.

1aDSC_7890.jpg 1 aDSC_8223.jpg 1aDSC_8397.jpg 1 cropped aDSC_7649.jpg 1 cropped aDSC_8007.jpg