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Brought back my love of photography.


I got my SD14 when I saw the incredible images it was capable of producing. It is simple like my older cameras. The things I never used are not found there. (Like pre-settings) It's film like quality in a digital package was irresistible.

Sigma's wonderful line reinvigorated my love of photography to the point I hope to have a small photography business up and running sometime in the spring.

I use other cameras, but my SD14 along with my DP1 and an old SA9 I recently acquired hold a special place in my heart. I pick one up and I get excited about taking a picture.


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Nice to read your post, Bob! Go for it and I look forward to seeing and experiencing some of your work with that "Foveon Touch" soon.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

Guest .

Hi Bob,

first, the Foveon-touch is an exciting thing to experinence ... :)

The other thing, you express in your post, is even much more important! You like your cameras!!!! :)

If you did not like them, you would not carry them with you. No camera -- No photo!

A simple but inevitable logic!:D

I love my SIGMAs, too ..... have a look!

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See you with nice pictures