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Canon 20D with 70200 f4 lens



Hi, I've been testing my 20D with a Canon 70-200 f4 lens. I've found the results to be varying to say the least - especially at 200. Over 50 percent of my photos are soft/blurred/not focused when shooting in P or M modes... the results seem better in other modes ....
I've tested with a tripod also - but it hasn't really helped significantly.

Is it possible I have something configured incorrently that would affect these modes???????

I have a 17-85 EF-S and get great results....

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Have fun,


New Member
Hi Ciaran;
The F4 has limitations -
This is a sunny-day lens type lens, & great shots will come from it if you realize its limitations... Johnathan...... check out these comments "
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My EF 70-200 f/4L is amazingly sharp with my 20D when the Sun is out. I went to the Malibu Lagoon and proceeded to take pictures 30 minutes after Sunset . The photos were horrid and blurry even with a tripod. I have the EF 24-70 f/2.8L lens and it performs wonderfully on low-light situations. I'm seriously thinking of selling my 70-200 and replacing it for the f/2.8L IS version.


New Member
Hi Ren;....Just to note there is a lockup problem with the 70-200 IS. Has to due with the IS or lens seating - as I well know - I got one for Christmas & the 3rd shot on my 20D it locked up (froze), & the only way I could continue was to unseat then reaseat the lens on the camera body......check out this '14 page' thread where I just posted (on page 14).... "
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Have you done the firmware update? There was a problem with earlier 20D's that caused a lockup. This was fixed on V1.0.5, but there is a newer version out now on Canons website. This may fix your lockup problems.


New Member
Hi Ren Soriano,

I own a 70-200 2.8 IS Lense. The results are great. I also have the 2x extender. The photos came out sharp.

With the 17-85mm I used it at night clubs under low light. and I was very happy with the photos. very clear.