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Canon EOS 1V



1.build quality
2.super fast AF system
3.superb zoom lenses
5.45 af points
1. Build quality and reliability;
2. Perfect ergonomics for me;
3. Technology that does not get into my way of taking pictures;
4. All the choices that Imight need, and then more.
Does anyone know whether NP-E3 will work with PB-E2 for the 1V?
Thanks for the reply. Do you know the difference between NP-E2 and NP-E3? NP-E3 is the 12V battery for the 1Ds.
NP-E3 cant fit into the PB-E2 and NP-E2 cant fit too into the 1D/1Ds grip

both are of different sizes since 1D breath is bigger than 1v
My EOS1V has this problem:
taking a photo in dark light conditions - with center AF point and ONE SHOT mode selected - the camera brings into focus the subject, but with the AI SERVO mode - in the same light conditions and still with center AF point selected - it doesn't bring into focus the subject.

For your information the lens that I used is the 17-40L f4; I tryed a 24-70L f2,8 without any result.

Do you have any idea why this happens?

Thank you for your help.
Best Regards.
Hi Corrado,

Just to eliminate one possibility in case you happen not to have mentioned that you're using flash, but if you have a flash unit mounted then it will fire the AF assist light in one-shot mode but not in AI servo.

-= mike =-