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Canon G7X vs. RX100 vs. LX100 first impressions

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I ended up in buying a Canon G7X to add it to my arsenal for the convenient moments with the family, when I do not want to use a big DSLR or my Fuji X-E1.

This was a long way to decide it. I tested beforehand the Sony RX100 MK1, because everyone was raving about it. To see what other 1 inch sensors are able to to, I also tested the Nikon V1 with some lenses. But after a while it was clear that the Sony 1 inch sensor, which is also used in the Canon G7X is miles better then the sensor in the Nikon V1/V2/V3.

I then tried to decide beteeen Panasonic LX100, Sony RX100 Mk2 (MK3 was not an option because of its shorter zoom range) and the Canon G7X. I concluded that for my intended use, I need something with a fixed attached zoom and it needs to be as pocketable as possible until a certain line of compromise with the quality of the lens is not crossed. I also need the zoom range up to 100mm for enough DOF flexibility.

I soon figured out, that the LX100 is simply still too big. It has a bigger sensor and therefore a DOF advantage, but it's size is too big. As soon as I can not put the camera easily in a Jacket pocket or worst case in my trousers, then I can also take my X-E1 with me. As soon as you have something hanging on your shoulder, it deos not matter anymore, whether it is 200g lighter or not.

So the RX100 Mk2 and the Canon G7X came into my "finals". In IQ, there is no much difference. Maybe for pixelpeepers, but not in real life situations. I think that postprocessing the raws makes a bigger difference.

I choose the Canon G7X over the RX100 Mk2 because of 3 reasons.

1. The G7X has F2.8 at 100mm vs. F4.9 at 100mm of the Sony (biggest factor)
2. Better ISO Auto implementation with better minimum speed
3. Better menu, better handling, usability, feels more robust

The sensor is the same anyway. So of IQ of the lens is not dramatically different, you focus more on the above mentioned points.

The AF was more or less the same. I do not understand some comments that the Canon was worse than the one of Sony RX100. I could not see this in my real life situations.

So I own now the G7X since a few weeks happy with it for the intended purpose: Have it always with me in a pocket . I also use a Ricoh GR. The GR is a lot better in IQ and overall, but has only a FFL (28mm). So the G7X is more an addition to this.

Best wishes
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