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Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 3524better than CY 3528


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Some bright spark reckons the old M42 screw mount CZ Jena 35/2.4 is better than the CZ C/Y 35mm f2.8!

Anyone here agree? or have user experience of this old screw lens? apparently it's being snapped up for silly money by Canon DSLR users who seem to think it is superb..

cheers Steve.


Well-Known Member
Steve, which side of quality do you refer to with "better"?
better resistance to flare? more neutral colors? better bokeh, better flatnes of field, sharper wide open or f/4, better corner sharpness? Better MTF 50 scores?
cheers, Rainer


Well-Known Member
Hi Rainer,

Not my choice of words..I am quoting someone else. It appears this DDR lens is fetching somewhat surprising amounts of money on evilbay and there are forums discussing how 'good' this lens is and how it favorably compares to the C/Y 35mm lens. This would shock me, so I was wondering if anyone on here could shed any light..any info on this old lens would be of interest. A long time ago, my first SLR was a Praktica MTL3 with these old M42 lenses and I do not remember being terribly impressed, especially from a build quality point of view.

cheers Steve.


Hi I used this lens as a student in the late sixties. it was manufactured by Zeiss Jena (East German Zeiss ) and optically was very good and excellent value for money. The quality of manufacture was not good. If i recall right the internal focussing threads were aluminium as opposed to the normal brass?? and wore out relatively rapidly leaving a rather sloppy focussing action. Cheers Trevor