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I had a go at the DPR challenges for a while, a long time ago. One of the reasons why I dropped out was that the challenges seemed to be an exclusive "mates club" for a bunch of pro's with a bazillion dollars worth of high end gear and no-one else stood a chance. The other aspect was the voting system, which was accused of being rigged on many occasions.

Could I suggest try to be inclusive, as far as possible. Or possibly develop a "handicap system" (like that used in sailing and horse races) to bias it against those using high-end gear, or placing in the top-10 too often.
Recurring issues with the DPR challenges included:

- lots of people submitted an image, but didn’t vote subsequently after entries closed. In general a major lack of voters.

- voters would rate a few images then not bother with the rest. It was pretty tiresome for example if there were hundreds of images.

- challenges with a maximum number of entries that either filled up incredibly fast, or didn’t get many.