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Contax RTS II mirror locks up WHEN lens attached HELP


New Member
I just bought a Contax RTS II (bargain condition with some minor shutter curtain wrinkle) from KEh.com. Every function seems to work fine (has a new battery)when the lens (85mm f1.4 carl Zeiss T*) is not attached. The camera responds to varying levels of light as it should and shutter sounds good at different speeds and the mirror sounds good. When the lens attached and clicked all the way into place the shutter works but the mirror does not come back down. [in both automatic, manual and mechanical backup modes]. I can free it by unscrewing the lens and reattaching it. I can take multiple shots with the mirror locked up without any problem. If I use the MLU to lock the mirror up first then it does not come down using the MLU lever if lens is attached. Am i doing something wrong as the camera is otherwise fully functional and handles great. Please suggest a remedy.

Thanka a lot
Santanu Chakraborty
Send it back. KEH offers 60 days warranty except on vintage/collectible products:

"KEH warrants all used equipment against defects for 60 days from invoice date. Defective equipment must be returned to KEH and may be repaired, replaced or refunded at our option. Warranty is voided in the event of customer damage or misuse."

Hi Santanu,

I would strongly recommend that you return the camera to KEH for a refund if you have that option. Not because of the mirror fault, but because of the wrinkled shutter curtain. I bought an RTS II with exactly this fault about 18 months ago. After shooting approx 20-30 rolls with it, the curtain has fatigued where the crease is and is starting to split. It is leaking some light now, and is clearly only going to get worse. I'm currently investigating the options for remedying this, but I think the likelihood is that I will end up paying for a new shutter unit or else getting another body and using this one as a donor camera for other parts should the need arise.


-= mike =-
Santunu: I have a RTSII with exactly the same problem. It is mint externally but malfunctions with lens attached. Do you have followup to your case, a remedy? Thanks, -Christopher
>i have the RTSIII and also having the same problem as Santunu. When i >attached a 18mm/F4, the mirror will lock up after a shoot. i sent it back >to dealer for service, and no problem after that.
> My RTSII has the same problem, the mirror not locking up and the shutter wouldn't fire, the focusing screen hit the back of the lens, i fiddled around with the screen and it's frame and it's works good since.
Sticky mirror issue

To anyone who has a RTS II, there is an issue with the mirror sliding forward ever so slightly over time. I discovered this when I found some marks on my 45mm/2.8 surrounding the rear element; luckily no element damage.

I sent the body in to Kyocera at the time to have a CLA. It was returned OK at first, but the problem arose again. I took matters into my own hands and checked the mirror. Evidently, they removed and cleaned the mirror, but used a little round sticky patch to glue the mirror in. It was only a matter of time that the mirror would creep up again. Unlike an old Nikon F2 I used have, it doesn't have any spring clip or angled mirror plate to hold the mirror from sliding past the end of the plate.

I reseated the mirror to the proper clearance and then applied a thin line of silicone to the edge of the mirror; basically sealing it to the plate. I've used this body for the last 7 years and has not encountered the sticky mirror issue again. Hope this helps anyone who has the great RTS II in their camera bag.