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D10 or wait


New Member
Hi all...I know this goes around from time to time but I have heard that the D10 is due to get replaced this spring. Anyone have thoughts on whether to pull the trigger now and get a D10 or wait for the new model? I don't actually have a dire need for a new camera for the next couple of months. Does anyone have any credible info on features likely to be included on the new model? I have heard possibly 8+ MP but nothing else.
I believe the informed rumor is that the 1D will be replaced with an 8 meg. version, but will still retain a 1.3X lens factor. I already ordered mine a month ago.

There are also rumors about a D10 replacement ( I have no info as to what the up-grades may be). But I would say that upgrading it to 8 meg with the same sized sensor (if that is what is going to happen), won't do all that much in terms of image quality in most practical applications.

Were I you I'd wait. Canon has a record of upgrading a camera line and lowering the price. The first D30 was $3,000. The D60 was $2,100. and the D10 was/is $1,500.
They are all going to get replaced, any new models coming shortly will sooner or later be replaced and so it goes on, I do not think that you are going to go WoW at the new 8mp compared to the 6mp, what we should be looking for is new lenses, or I suppose when new models do come out the existing one's hopefully will get cheaper. Happy New Year to you All

I've heard rumors of a new 10D...Mark2 and that 10D stock is guaranteed to the dealers ONLY until end of March.

Doesn't that make you suspicious of a new variation on this model?
I am in the Uk and there seems to be a serious shortage of D10's . I have been waiting for about 3 weeks for mine and the supplier is getting them in dribs and drabs .
The most recent announcement I have seen is the Canon Powershot Pro 1 which has 8MP at £999 GBP.

I don't think there is a shortage of 10Ds in the USA, and if you go to the FredMiranda or PhotoNet or even the NaturePhotographer web sites (the Classifieds or Buy/Sell sections), you will find someone advertising to sell a mint or like-new condition 10D. With the US dollar as weak as it is, you won't be able to get it any cheaper in the UK anyway.

If you can wait, it's probably best to wait, as Canon has no choice but to drop the price of the 10D and/or replace it with a newer version with a higher spec, as the Nikon D100 is causing some serious competition. I understand the Pentax *istD and Olympus E-1 have already dropped their prices. Canon has to follow suit, and it should happen before and certainly no later than Photokina in October.

But if you do not wish to wait, then maybe you should look for a lightly used one from the above-mentioned photo sites ... or eBay ... but be very wary of eBay sellers, as most scammers operate there!

Upon reviewing the specs, I think I'll stick with my 10D until whatever comes after the 20D. The white balance bracketing is appealing as is the faster burst rate. The 9 picture buffer is still pretty limiting. 8.2MP doesn't mean a whole lot to me. I've been pretty happy with 6.3 even when blowing up to 12 X 18 (from JPEG). Cut the noise at high ISO's and I might be more tempted.

It seems to be more of a minor upgrade than a truly new camera.

Also, Ebay is worth checking out as Adorama and a few other reputable resellers do a ton of business under Ebay aliases. I picked up a new Canon L-Series 100-400IS (USA) at about $125 less than Adorama's advertised price by going through one of thier salesmen on Ebay. The product shipped and invoiced from Adorama.
I am a D60 user of 2 1/2 years and I am very happy with the results I achieve however I have problems with Raw files and fast moving objects. I have been waiting to up grade to the replacment D10. Has any body any idea of the launch price in the UK ? I will be visiting Canada next month will it be cheaper there? Regards Jeff Cowling