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D300 Continuous Release or Buffer problem?

Gerald Friesen

New Member
I own 2, D300 bodies since 03/08. I shoot a lot of birds. I primarily use an AF-S 17-55mm, a VR 80-400mm and VR 200-400mm (often with a 1.7 teleconverter). Here's my problem. Waiting for a bird to leap into flight, I'll set the Release mode on CH. I'll pop the shutter-release button for several single frames, then hold it down in repetitive bursts attempting to hit the bird as it flies. I might attempt to roll off 30 to 50 frames in 60 seconds. Typically I'm in shutter-priority 640 w/auto exposure in Large/Fine or Tiff.

And everytime I do this type of shoot, I blow half the images (they come up blank) and I'll get a giant green line through other frames, and I'll get the head to the flying bird on the right side of the frame and the tail on the left side with a blur in the middle. Often the entire memory card shuts down and says I have no images at all. I use Delkin 4gb UDMA cards. I have 8, so I started swapping them out thinking I got a bad card. Happened on every card. So I swapped bodies with lenses thinking I could isolate the problem. Couldn't correct the problem. I sent my 80-400 and one of the D300s in for Nikon factory repair. Both came back "no problem" found. So, is it NOT possible to shoot this way??? The only thing I can think, is that the memory buffer is not large enough to handle this type of volume. ADVICE??