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D70 Program Mode Exposure Problems


New Member
I have had several problems with the D70 program mode images being either overexposed or underexposed. I am shooting group portraits outdoors, with an SB800 running in TTL. The exposure is very inconsistent.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any tips on this?


Active Member
> Tom,

The best advice I can give is to change your SB800 to the Automatic mode ("A") on the display. Then change your camera to the fully manual mode. Typically, I set my camera up for a shutter speed of 1/30 sec and an f/stop of f/8 for distances of 7-15 feet. Use f/16 if closer than 7 feet and f/4 or f/5.6 if greater than 15 feet.

Try practicing manual exposures and I think you will be much happer than the TTL and program modes in your camera.



Active Member
Tom Rains, with all due respect, Although I agree in using manual mode... you are not really answering his question. You don't spend $400 on a flash for iTTL and just accept the under or over exposure that is occuring. We don't even have enough information about the situation he is taking the pictures in. Are they during the daytime?, dusk or night? Is he using fill in flash mode, or full... That would make a difference. Does he have his camera set on Program with slow sync during daytime or not. There are simply too many variables.

On the other hand, Tom Dyszkiewicz, in order to get a qualified answer... you need to be more descriptive with the problem you are having, and provide us with more specifics so as not to get a general answer.

One cannot solve a problem unless analyzed carefully. The D70 is capable of and does expose correctly. In most instances, it is human error that produces poor exposure. That's why one must practice, check, practice, check, and on and on....