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Differences DxO PL6 for RX10 and RX10iv

Ab S

Active Member
I used DxO PureRAW for optical corrections and their excellent noise reduction DeepPrime combined with an older version of Capture One Pro (vs 12.3): The output DNG file served as input for C1 where I did my editing. Resulted in very sharp images from my Sony RX10. So when PL6 arrived I decided to purchase the Elite version (including DeepPrime XD)

But...whatever I tried in PL6 I could not find (reproduce) the 'sharpness' and colors to my satisfaction: I liked Capture One more, both in colors and in detailed sharpness.

see https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/66744861

So I kept on using PL6 only for optical corrections and noise reduction and exported the dng to C1.
A few weeks ago I purchased the RX10iv, and to my surprise 'sharpness' was on par with C1! Results look great! Apparently PL6 does a better job on the RX10iv than on the RX10i.

My personal default preset in PL6 Elite are:
  • Sharpness: default (global 1.0, details and bokeh 50)
  • DeepPrime NR
  • SmartLight: default (25)
  • ClearView: +10
  • Micro-contrast: +25
  • Color vibrancy: +20
Results: Razor sharp, good contrast and 'natural' looking colors. Od course I also like the U-point (control point) technologies, color submenu (comparable with C1) and other goodies of PL6.
But there are still many things to improve in DxO PL, mostly on the user interface, just to name a few:
  • The tonal sliders (brights, mid tones, shadows, darks) are overlapping too much and the sliders are too coarse: in particular the dark has way too much influence on the other tones
  • The sliders of the equalizers (local adjustments) are difficult to adjust, just too tiny and too coarse
  • Auto masking - although in general works quite well - could be much improved, e.g. by automatic object recognition in the way Topaz Photo AI (or formerly Sharpen AI) does
  • The DeepPrime (XD) window is much too small; there should be an option to see the result full or half-screen: processing a DP image costs less than 5 sec with my RTX 2060 GPU
  • On my 32" 4k screen I get full sharpness displayed only after zoomed in to 85% or more (as is also mentioned in the PL6 manual). In C1 the full image is displayed in full sharpness
  • ...