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DIY cap to fit on shades of Zeiss G 45mm or Zeiss G 90mm


New Member
I acquired a G2 with 45mm & 90mm a month ago just before going on vacation in France.

Of course first things on the lenses where the sunshades and as they are screwed-on I had the problem of finding caps to fit the shades. I did not know the existence of such a cap made by Contax so I have been looking for the home made solution.

Very simple:
get the cap from a 312 g (OK, I live in Canada where we often have leftovers form the Imperial measures…) spray paint bottle;
cut in length (about 30 mm for the 45 and 50 mm for the 90) to suit the shade;
get rid of the inside baffles if any;
tack on the inside perimeter a strip of auto-adhesive Velcro, velvet-side in.
It gives a nice cap that fits snugly the sunshade.

Oh! By the way, I finally found MY travelling camera and what optics!