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DP2 Noob here


Hi, I am new to this forum but not really to photography - been doing that for 40 odd years. A few months back I aquired a DP2 as I friend and I have been intrigued by the Foveon sensor. Its early days for me with the DP2 but its rapidly becoming my camera of choice for static 3/4 portraits. I like to do this with natural window light and finding the results good. Hoping to learn some tricks from you guys!


Tim, hi!
Chris here, pre-noob on the DP-2!
As a pro photographer (now cinematographer) I've been looking very closely at the DP2 - being a M2/35mm Summicron user for many decades, I see the similarities and hope I can live with this camera - mainly in manual mode.
So - if you would be so kind as to post any first thoughts you may have on the DP2, I'd be very grateful!
Are Class 6 cards okay in dump speed? Or is it still very slow?
I'm thinking of using a hoodman or a sock-loupe on the camera too, but it's very early days yet, since I don't even have a camera yet!
And yes, I have friends who are on the LX3, D-lux 4 and the comparison shots I saw onlline with the DP1 were eye-opening, to say the least. And no, I'm not going for an M8-2, need something a little smaller, and guess what, I still have my M2...