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I've been shooting the DP3 Quattro (and other cameras for trips), comparing settings, experimenting, etc. Here is a plant called Cineraria, shot RAW at f/7.1 1/100 ISO200 processed SPP6.8.3 same settings as the next photo to it on flickr, same settings, same processing shot at f/5. Here's the f/7.1 version. Generally I hate having a blurry foreground, but I like the way the in-focus blossoms arch around the center focal point slightly in back of the blurry blossom....

SDIM0340 Sigma DP3Quattro at f7.1 by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr

By the way, I've just had to buy and set up a new computer, newly added SPP6.8.3 instead of the SPP6.8.2 which I have used on my old computer. Does anyone else experience much slower processing on SPP6.8.3? I have 16GB RAM in both computers.
I find the white peonies are the hardest to capture. This is one, early evening, NO BREEZE, significant so I can get down to 1/80 and still be sharp. Focus point is on blossom at left. DP3Quattro, ISO125 1/80 f/3.2 processed in SPP6.8.2 and cropped in Canon's DPP4. (The Canon RAW processor is handy for cropping Sigma photos, since SPP doesn't have a crop tool but Canon does, and I use DPP4 for my Canon 5DS photos). I've been experimenting with ISOs, apertures, shutter, on both cameras. Linked to flickr, more photos online
SDIM0386 Sigma DP3Quattro ISO125 f/3.2CROP by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr