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Epson introduces digital M


It appears to say something like this in the penultimate paragraph:
<<This knitting machine is not yet for sale, and it is in any case probably only suitable for hobbyists who insist on using 1940s lenses, which is a funny kind of existence when you think about it. The kind of maniacs who would carry these monsters about would not reach large numbers.>>


I think you maybe just missed my intended humour. Look again at the Japanese link you gave. The babelspeak is highly entertaining. And the photo looks as though the lens has actually been around a lot longer than that.


You wrote:
"According to our information from Epson Germany, the lens mount is for all existing M-lenses. No mentioning of lenses from the 40ies."

My only Leica lenses are from the 40s (and I have one new cosina voigtlander 35/2.5) and I use them as easily on my M body as on my IIIC. I can't imagine why the LTM>M adapters would not work as wonderfully on a digital M body as they do on a film M body.

Carpe Luminem.


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As I have written before, I like film, and the craftsmanship installed in fine cameras. A digital M to me, is contrary to the essence of an M body, just as machine made boots are to hand made boots, or putting an engine on a glider.

I hope this digital back is not the straw that breaks Leica’s back.

It seems that Contax is gone, I hope Leica is not, but their profit’s are low and with this digital implosion, if you want Leica to stay in business, you will need to purchase their products new, not used.

To better news:
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Gilbert wrote:
..."if you want Leica to stay in business, you will need to purchase their products new, not used."

I shoot my Leicas for fun.
I shoot with Nikons for a living.
My equipment needs to be able to pay for itself quickly or I may as well take up a salaried position in some corporation.

If the Leica's digital M is capable of the quality that I can get from my DSLRs and I can afford it, I'll buy one (if it actually comes off the drwaing board in 2 years.) Until then, I will consider this Cosina Epson thing, to use with my used and Cosina LTM lenses. They, like the used M4P and used IIIc have proven to be the best price point for my occasional just for fun uses of them.

Be well,


Gilbert's points are I think quite valid. Leica have for many years made fine imaging tools to do a job very well. Increasingly, cameras are now being developed to sell to a market. Like a spade or wheelbarrow with a TV on the handle so you can work in the yard and still catch your favourate programme.

However, I must say here that I'm not anti digital it is wonderful technology that works well and efficiently for certain applications, prepress, newspaper photography etc. It is simply a matter of selecting the appropriate tool to do the job well.

The new Epson is not a Leica M, just like a Contax G2, Voiglander or Hexar, or Nikon S3 for that matter, are not Leica Ms. And why insist on putting optics developed for film in front of a digital sensor? If we must have, and the market demands that we do, have digital camera systems based on 35mm camera then Nikon is on the right track. Nikon’s approach with their DX lenses seems to me to be the more logical root. However, if you want really high quality digital imagery then MF is the only way to go.

regards Craig


Of course it won't replace an M body.

But for someone looking to be able to shoot some digital and who only owns an M system and isn't looking to reinvest in a whole range of Nikon, Canon etc lenses, this could be a solution.