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Epson R2400 vs HP 9180



In Germany it is not possible yet to buy the new HP 9180. I read in 2 reviews, that this A3 printer shall be at least as good if not better than the Epson R2400. And it is cheaper

Has anybody seen prints at his dealer or tested it already against each other?

These are the reviews I have read so far about the Hewlett Packard:



Thanks in advance
As always, a rumor. They are pretty tight lipped at Epson. I got it from a dealer friend here in the US.

I suspect the R800 can give us a hint. It has a UV coating cartridge. Another Epson printer that produces excellent small prints is their little 4X6 unit called the PictureMate which just about eliminates any "bronzing" effect. IMO, it is hard to tell a PictureMate print from a conventional one.

We'll just have to wait and see. But I doubt Epson is going to surrender market supremacy any time soon.
Okay, finally found the proper place to post this ...

As I predicted, Epson will launch the next round of high-end archival inkjet printers on September 27th.

I got this in an e-mail: