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Eveready Case



Does anyone know if Canon ever produced an eveready case for the A1 that attached via the tripod mount? IF not, do any other cases fit the A1?
>=20 > Yes all the A series use the same case except the AL-1. Not hard to find b= ut=20 > they are all beat to shit by now they used the worlds junkiest vinyl for=20 > them and they are all falling apart. There is a couple guys selling new=20 > production third party cases on ebay that are quite nice I got a couple fo= r friends=20 > and they really like them. >=20 > Mark W. >=20 > Canonitis FD sufferer and collector of 1950s rangefinder cameras including= =20 > Braun/Paxettes and Leica LTM cameras and optics >=20 > Show and tell: http://awahlster.tripod.com/photo >=20 > Don't meddle in the affairs of Dragons, as you are crunchy and taste good=20 > with ketchup!=A0=A0=20 >=20 >=20 >=20