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Exakta Varioplan


New Member
I have an SRT 101 and have just purchased an Exakta Varioplan 35-70mm lens for it. Does anybody know anyting about this particular lens and its merits?
Hi Nick,

35mm SLR Exakta "Varioplan" lenses are made by "Samyang" in Korea.
I used the 18-28mm wide angle lens and sold it after 6 weeks because you
cannot shoot a reasonable picture with it. Bad colours, bad contrast,
average sharpness, shaky front element etc.
Keep your hands off these lens.

Hope the 35-70 is better !

There was a 28-70 made by Minolta, try to get one of these. Or much better the 1,4 35mm MD Rok. These X Brand Lenses are never as good as an original Minolta.
Nick Mole (Wdanger) wrote: I have an SRT 101 and have just purchased an Exakta Varioplan 35-70mm lens for it. Does anybody know anything about this particular lens and its merits?

Peter Blaise responds: Don't listen to anybody else telling you that a lens they have never seen (even if they had another issue of a similar lens) is inappropriate for your photography, which they also have never seen, and, of course, you have never seen their photography, either! So that is not what asking for people's experience is all about.

You have the lens, so you are the expert, for you!

Take some pictures and tell us what you think, how appropriate, or not, it is for your photography, okay?

And please share all the details - f/stop range and so on. I often just type out everything as it appears exactly on the lens. Then everyone knows exactly what I am talking about. (Especially for Vivitar lenses since the serial number often indicates a specific subcontractor and production date.)

I look forward to you "user report".

Speaking of Vivitar, there are MANY, MANY OTHER BRANDS OF LENSES that are perfectly appropriate for our photographic needs and resources, for our current or desired photographic skill sets.

CHALLENGE: If anyone has difficulty taking a satisfactory image through any lens, or any piece of equipment, PLEASE do not therefore call it "junk" et cetera for everybody else. It's not the gear. (What could it be?!?) At best it's an inappropriate match between your goals and your gear. At worst, it needs repair, and that's what warranties and service stations are there for (even Rolls Royce has a service department, ya know!!!).

... unless it's the photographer? ;-)

So, if anyone has any gear they consider "junk", and they can't take a satisfactory image through it, please send it to me and I will (a) take one or more satisfactory images through it, and (b) not return it. Of course if it's just broken, either of us could just get it fixed, or replace it, and neither of us needs to call every other issue of the same piece of gear "junk"!

Again, Nick, I'm looking forward to your user report, and please tell us where you share your images! Thanks!



Love and hugs,

Mail your so called "junk" to:

Peter Blaise Monahon

3686 King Street, #185

Alexandria, Virginia (VA) 22302 United States (US)

Minolta Vivitar Tamron Fujifilm Ilford Kodak Adobe Hewlett Packard et cetera Photographer




Thanks for your comments Peter.
The lens is an Exakta Varioplan 35-70mm 1:3.5-4.5 zoom lens. It seems fine and I am in the process of testing it out. I got it to go with an SRT 101 whose origanal 50mm Minolta lens was broken. It is a gift for my daughters godmother who is taking up photography. It seems like the ideal camera to learn with as it is all manual. It was a hand-me-down so didn't cost a thing. I am also considering buying a Centon 50mm lens for it, a very cheap option at £32.
I have to confess that I am a dedicated Pentax user and have a wonderful ME Super with a number of fixed focal length lenses for it. I don't imagine I will be switching to Minolta any time soon!!(sorry).
No pictures posted as yet, but when I get the time.....
Thanks again, Nick