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New Member
Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with an answer to a question I have re the way EXIF details are recorded. Here are the partial details of a recent shot:

Exposure Time (sec) : 1/1600
F-Number : 10.0
ISO Speed : 200
EXIF Version : 0220
Date/Time Taken : 2004:03:13 14:04:25
Date/Time Digitised : 2004:03:13 14:04:25
Components Configuration : 01020300
Average Compression Ratio: 3.00
Shutter Speed (sec) : 1/2048
Aperture : 10.0
Exposure Bias (EV) : -1.00
Max Aperture : 4.0
Metering Mode : Multi-Segment
Flash : Not Fired
Focal Length (mm) : 300.00

What I am wondering is what is the difference between Exposure time and Shutter Speed and F-Number and Aperture. Why does the Canon record two values for what seems to be essentialy the same set of parameters and why do the respective values often differ? As in this case.

If you know the answer, or can refer me to any documentation I would love to know.

Thanks and regards