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Experience with the MP



Hello together,

this is my first message to the english forum. First of all I want to greet every enthusiast in this very interesting leica-forum.

Now some informations of me:
to take photo´s with my Leica´s R7 (black chrome) and MP (black laquer) is a special hobby for me. I like to go out and take pictures from the nature.

But now I´ve got a question to the owners of an MP-Modell:
which experience do you have with this model?
My personal experience is, that this is "the" M-Modell, I´ve ever dreamt of. I´ve got the MP for only 2 Months but at any time I use the camera and take pictures it is again very fascinating.

In relation to my R7 the built quality is another step upwards. It´s a very solid camera.

But these are my personal impressions,
which experience do you have?

I thank you for any answers to come:

Greetings from germany


Well-Known Member
Constantin, I've had the MP .58 version for almost a year now. It's the best M I've ever owned when I factor in the .58 finder and light meter. I find the RF in the MP better than the one in my M4. But if I didn't want the .58 finder so much I would be very happy with an M6 that has had upgrade to avoid RF flaring. But the build quality of the MP's is a step up from the M6's. Enjoy your camera. That's what it's all about.


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welkommen Constantin!!

yes, while I don't have an MP at present, it is my dream camera! I presently shoot a black m6 which makes me very happy. I have this notion of buying a pair of black MPs, with serial numbers next to each other. Does anyone know, though, if the black laquer version is also available with the .58 viewfinder? I thought it wasn't, but both B&H as well as Calumet advertise it. Calumet even lists a number...



Hello Garth,

here in Germany only the .72 version in black laquer is available. But I´ve heard of the possibility, that you can also have the other versions .58 and .85 in black laquer finish.
Perhaps you´ve got to e-mail Leica for further information.

Good luck,


I've seen the MP in black laquer and also black paint (for a lot more money) but only in 0.72.


I will be buying an MP, most likely this week. I believe I would be happy with either black or chrome. However, in the real world of photography, won't the black paint lose its luster over time? I DO think the black paint MP is gorgeous, but so was that blonde I once dated...


John Brewton asked in concern:
>> However, in the real world of photography, won't the black paint lose its luster over time? I DO think the black paint MP is gorgeous, but so was that blonde I once dated...<<<<<<

But John are you buying the camera as a trinket to hang around your neck and look pretty? Or do you intend on using it? If so, a smudge or bump here or there enhances the camera as it belongs to a using photographer. ;-)

Bumping or paint wearing off would be the least concern and I'd would want to know "will the camera work for my lifetime?"


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black paint thing's kinda weird. i had a photo teacher who once upon in the day had a black m2. the paint was 'brassing', so one day he got bored and scraped it all off. he said it became a scourge for his lurking street photography because folks thought he had a gold camera!

really, though, you know what's cooler than a brassed painted camera showing all that hard-earned wear is a newer black anodized camera that's lost it's much harder to wear off surface!

I think you should just go for it. those black paint cameras look beautiful.

just my dream filled opinion,


Thanks, Garth. Ted, as for your comments as to whether I want a trinket or not. I'm too poor to spend that kind of money on trinkets! My M4 still looks great after thirty years. I would like my next M to acquire the same type patina.


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well, the black paint may be a 'trinket' aspect, but it's still a great camera. i don't know, i'm pretty poor, but i'm fine driving a rusty car so i can have a fine m6 which will last a lot longer, and even costs less...

what's the phrase about 'quality is remembered long after price?'. i think if you're serious about photography and can swing it you should go for it. and it's one of the best built Ms yet...

good luck,