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Failed DP1


New Member

Wondered if anyone can throw a light on what's happened to my trusty DP1. I have had this camera for about 16 months, used it every day. Super camera.

However yesterday when out shooting I noticed the auto-focus was slowing down, with it seemingly hard to focus (showing the red flashing warning rectangle). Eventually it would focus OK, But shortly after the whole camera just failed. Completely rock solid dead. Lens was out and couldn't switch it off.

This happened just once before many months ago and a little joggling of the lens freed it up. But this time nothing would shift it.

Got back home and tried two other charged batteries in it. No joy.

I then put the batteries in my second DP1 (the 's' model) and they were flat. So it seems that the DP1 is shorting the batteries out?

Has anyone else had this problem and is is solvable? Or do I have a piece of scrap camera now?

Many thanks.


ps. I would try a PSU in the adaptor socket if I could be sure of the voltage required. Any ideas?
Barry....I don't know the voltage of that you would want to put in directly...but with something like this, you might want to contact Sigma directly...usually a phone call to a senior tech might shed some light on it...(they have been helpful with my issues and projects in the past)...also, they may be willing to help you fix it...(just have to ask)...

Good Luck and keep us posted on what happens...

Tony C.
Hi Tony

Thanks for your help.

Yes I already contacted Sigma and they were very helpful, but as they would probably charge at least £126 for any repair that is substantial like this one seems, it was not really cost-effective to me as I can get another brand new one for not much more. I already have a DP1s too.

So I have put my camera on eBay as faulty in case someone with delicate fingers would like to try fix it.

If anyone wants to bid it is eBay item number 310198331443