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Fast 35mm prime for D80 - any suggestions


New Member
Hope someone can help me on this.

I'm looking for a wide 35mm prime for my D80. I would like a fairly fast lens for photography in poor light conditions and the ability to deliver a nice bokeh.

Whats the verdict - am I going to have to sell my kidney to afford something close to what I'm looking for or is there a cheep alternative out there.

Thanks in advance.


What I'm looking for is something like the new Nikon 35mm f1.8G AF-S DX Lens but taking the D80 crop factor into consideration probably something more like a 20 - 25mm.

Does this product even exist?
Hi Matthew,

I use the 30/1.4 HSM from Sigma. It's not a 20-25mm lense, but thanks to HSM = AF-S quite quick and with f/1.4 very fast.

I can recommend this lense. I also use it on a D80.

As far as I know there is no AF-S lense available with less focal length than the 30mm.


PS: there is no much going on in this forum... so answers take a while. The German Nikon.info is much better and I'm sure you'll find some English speaking users there as well. It's worth a try.