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Fast way to transfer quality photos from Sony RX100vi to iPhone 13 Pro

Getting ready to go on a few vacations and dusting off the terrific RX100vi. I have the RX10iv, but these first trips don’t need the longer lens. (I use the iPhone 13 Pro for local photos.) Is there a SDXC reader that plugs into iPhones to transfer the photos from the card to the phone? I tried using Imaging Edge Wi-Fi tonight and the transfer was so slow that it seemed not to be moving. And, that was for just one sample JPEG. I’m hoping a faster and easier method has been invented since the last time I checked. Any suggestions?
Graham Houghton has a good solution for this on his YouTube channel. Posted last week. Go here
Your welcome. Graham is the guru of panasonic small sensor cameras. He's a retired engineer so can into the guts of cameras with almost any issue.