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Fill Flash Without Leaf Shutter Lenses



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Many of the topics in this forum talk to the challenge of no leaf shutter lenses (yet) for the C645. Additionally, I also read many threads on the difficulty of using the TLA360 flash with the C645.

So, I would be very interested in leveraging the significant expertise of this forum to hear how others achieve reliable fill flash on the Contax 645. Is the only answer ND filters? Are there manuaul flash techniques that work reliably?

Mike Davis
Yeah, foam core!
I made the comment half in jest. But if you bounce light off a white piece of foam core you can achieve good fill results. Or you can get various light discs that will provide fill and make a nice catch light in your subject's eyes.

Frankly, I am not impressed with the Contax flash nearly as much as my Canon and when I really need to use fill I often switch to my Canon gear. I get dead reliable flash from it and it will sync to any speed. If only Contax.....

ND filters, slow film, and a monopod to keep camera shake under control. That's the only solution that's worked for me, but it works pretty well.
Hi Gary,
I am wondering which ND filters you use as fill flash ouside looks a big problem at 1/90th sec if I want shallow depth of field . Although can you get away with 1/125th sec on the Contax with non Contax flash equipment i.e elinchrome.