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Film supplies

I'm not sure where else to post this - this seems as good of a spot as any. Recently ordered some film from Adorama. Here is my experience - first time order from them. Ordered the film 8 days ago along with a Heliopan filter. Received an email from Adorama saying the Heliopan was backordered. I said cancel the Helio but ship the rest. They told me the revised total. I checked my credit card statement online days later, they charged me for ALL the items not just the items shipped. So, I told them to fix it, which they did within 24 hours. I received my film today (8 days later!) and it is missing one roll of film. The receipt says that roll is on back-order yet, but it reflects the backordered Heliopan as cancelled. (This would make two items backordered out of a small list of items). I called to see when it would be sent and could I add a few things with it. He said, "oh, it looks like they cancelled the entire backorder when you cancelled your Heliopan, no you can't add to it." Since they never told me the film was on backorder, this messed up my plans. I asked if I could at least get a credit for the shipping I was supposed to receive for the missing film and use it on a future order - he said it would only amount to a credit of about $0.10 and wasn't worth the time or effort. Thought I'd pass it along.