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Filter Holder works with 35mm lens



I took a picture with Lee filter holder mount on my Contax 645 35mm lens. The picture has a serious vignetting problem at the four corners. The 100mm slide-over to the lens barrel type holder for wide angle lens does not fit. Is any suggestion for this problem? I haven't try the Hitech filter holder. I would like to stick with either Lee or Hitech if I could.
i have a contax 645 and a 35mm wide-angle lens (95mm in diameter), which i need paired up with, for ex&le, a singh-ray grad filter (100x150mm in dimensions). has anyone had experience with the lee filters' push on filter in this context? obviously, my main concerns are: (a) whether this is a good fit; and (b) whether vignetting might occur. some people advise just handholding as well. is it feasible, esp. for longer exposures (2 seconds to 30 seconds)?
I use the exact same set up.

Lee makes a 95mm W/A adapter ring that reverses back on itself to avoid vignetting.

You then use the Lee W/A shade with one or two filter slots to slide the grad in to and position as wanted.

B&H has them.