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Filter sizes




I am new to Nikon and I have purchased some lenses for D70:
-Nikkors 50/1.8D
-Nikkor 28-80 G
-Sigma 70-300 Macro II

AFAIK these lenses have 52mm and 58mm filters. what filter size should I expect for future lenses (I am longing for ~12-24 wide angled)?
should I consider to buy step ring for more generic filter size of "odd" lenses?

filters I expect to use:
-UV (just for protection)
-ND for 50/1.8 (shallow DOF at daylight)
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> filters I expect to use:
> -UV (just for protection)

Do like the pros and use a lens cap.
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> -ND for 50/1.8 (shallow DOF at daylight)
> -Polarizer

Polarizer functins fine as a ND filter as well unless you need heavy filtration.
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> -gradation(?)

They are high skill-requirement filters or results are embarrassingly phony. Much better done in Photoshop in most cases. See

When shootimg film, I standardized on 62mm filters that fit Nikon, Linhof and Bronica lenses with the appropriate step-up rings when needed. I have a 72mm polarizer for a couple of larger lenses. Now that I am shooting almost exclusively digital, I find that I only need the polarizer and then only rarely. Out of well over 30,000 shots, the polarizer has been used perhaps a dozen times.

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