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Finally got a squirrel to pause


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For a critter who lives with me, I have very few good photos of this hand raised squirrel. Her natural survival skills are on par with dropping just about anyone from any city into the Amazon jungle.

I got these while she was looking for places around the bed room to hid her pecans.


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Her name is Foamy, inspired by the Internet cartoon, and I do not refer to her as a pet. Foamy is like a small hyperactive ADD OCD person with her own ideas. She was arguing with me the whole time I was trying to take photos. Foamy didn't care that I thought she was cute, she needed to find places to hide her stash of pecans.

A friend got her after she was found as a baby when a dog was playing with her and a sibling. Foamy's eyes were not even formed and she needed constant care and a long time being kept warm in an incubator. Her sibling did not survive the injuries.
Steaphany, with such a wide variety of animals @ your place, is it referred to as the local zoo? ;)

Sincere regards, Jim R
Yes Jim, my home and ranch is referred to as the Waelder Zoo consisting of:
16 Tammar Wallabies
9 Horses
2 Miniature Horses
2 Donkeys
6 Parrots
2 Manga Double Yellow Head Amazons
4 Quaker or Monk Parakeets
3 Ball Pythons
2 Leopard Geckos
2 Doves
1 Albino King Snake
1 Albino Burmese Python
1 Dog
1 Squirrel
and my house has a 400 gallon / 1500 liter pond in the living room with an assortment of fish and a Crayfish who hides among the rocks
Steaphaney, THAT is a crowd and a half! And as for the indoor zoological pond, wow!

As a suggestion to accommodate the imminent festive season, why not acquire a partridge in a pear tree, hmm? :)

Oh, and a request is hereby lodged for a picture of the pond, please?

Sincere regards, Jim R.
The quacking from out side the window reminded me that my list missed a Duck and a Chicken. Both were rescued by a friend when she worked at a local shelter.

Instead of a pear tree, would some banana trees do ? I have three banana trees growing in pots that I keep near the pond.

When the light is right, I'll get some photos of the pond to post.
Instead of a pear tree, would some banana trees do ? I have three banana trees growing in pots that I keep near the pond.

Well, at a pinch, providing the bananas all have right handed bends, not left handed ones.

Sincere regards, JR