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First impressions



One of the best Film cameras available today.
Best prosumer camera body. Takes all nikon lenses.
In my personal opinion its better than f5 in Size, weight, cost...etc. except for mirror lockup.
I change F90x by F100 today, and I hope it will be helpful in the furture.
It's a great camera with fine ergenomics,i have it now for a couple of years and i'm very font of it.
The only thing i mis indeed is the mirror lockup and it has a high consumption of battery's.
I have owned the F100 for about 4 months and it has been a great camera. You are right about battery usage. What's the deal on prosumer? I've heard this term describing everything from the upper Coolpix models to the F100. I guess Ron Crist isn't a pro because he uses a F100 instead of the F4 or F5. Teasing aside, the F100 metering systems and the camera is a winner.
I love my F100 as well. Just one question though. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed any "slop" between the lens and body. I noticed that you are able to twist the lens (Sigma 50-500) back and forth ever so slightly (about 1/32 inch). I just noticed because it was the first time I used a tripod with this lens. Is this normal or am I being too nitpicky?
I believe it is normal for most lenses. I'm not sure how extensive your lens collection is, but some have more movement than others, bull all have 'some' movement. I Especially notice it more in my 3rd party lenses and converters. ie. Kenko and Tokina (3rd party lenses I own) I have less of an issue with my Nikkors (70-200 VR, 105 Prime, 50 prime, 24 prime etc..), but still there is movement.

I'd say not to worry about it as it will not affect the picture. They need some tolerance. 1/32 won't affect electrical contacts either.
Thanks, that sets my mind at ease. I only own 3rd party lenses right now so I've never had a Nikkor lens on it yet to compare. Thanks again.
I got my F100 earlier this month and mated it with my old 28-70mm lens that I used with my 6001. I love the camera but it feels HUGE compared to my backup camera, the FM2/T. My first experience with the camera caused me to fire off a couple of useless shots when I pressed the shutter release too hard - it is very sensitve compared to my old cameras. I since learned how to use the AF button on the back of the camera for instant focus (yes it is that fast).

I also got the SB-80DX speedlight and the pictures I made with it are outstanding. Just the right amount of light with no obvious shadows or glare. In fact it is very difficult to see that I used a flash. I guess that is the mark of a good fill-flash. All in all I am so happy with this camera that I would recommend it to all. I can put off the chase for the perfect digital camera for a few more years. Let the function increase and let the price decrease.
What kind of film do you use with the F100? I just got one and the instructions say to use DX? Where do you find DX and is it necessary to use DX?