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Flash Photography problem question


New Member
I've used the G2 and Pro1 extensively with a 550Ex and 420EX flashes (wireless in tandem, sometimes with an additional 580EX and an additional strobe) with great effect - very bright and warm. This, in Program Mode (with some modification of settings of course)!

When I try to do the same thing with the 20D and Rebel XT, the pictures are dark and cold. Very very frustrating. Do the Canon SLRs meter differently? Is there some camera or flash setting that I should be using??

Thx in advance for any help.


New Member
Hey Fred,

I think I know what may 'help' but not totally correct your 20D woes, as many of us have experienced regularly using any of Canon's SLR's. Try this:

In the "Custom Functions" of your camera, CF#14 is "E-TTL-II". Change the default setting of "Evaluative" to "Average". Your life will change! Try it, it may still be under or "a little" dark, but won't be nearly as bad as what you've been dealing with.

Who knows WHY make the default setting such a bad one.



New Member
Hi Mark, Thank you for the advice - I will definitely try it out! I spent most of the last evening and night photoshopping hundreds of wedding photos from Saturday night. Thank God for gamma, colourr, and auto-levels correction!! Best, Fred