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Flower closeups with Nikon Z50 and 50-250 lens


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Shot at a public garden in Palo Alto, Ca. today.

C&C welcomed.



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Some nice variety in this group. Is this at or near the minimum focus distance with that lens? I've been tempted every time Nikon has a refurb sale with the Z50 and the two lens kit.

I'm curious about where this public garden is. We had a hectic 9 months living in an apartment in Mountain View while I attended Stanford way back in 1970. I wonder if the garden was there that long ago - I know the area has changed a lot.

I bought the camera and the 2 kit lenses in March at a Nikon refurb sale. $850 for all of it, a steal if you ask me. Most of the flower images were shot at max focal distance, 375mm, FF equiv., with a couple at a bit shorter focal distance. I find both lenses easy to use and with very good IQ, as almost all of the reviews concluded. While neither lens has a very wide minimum aperture, the processor is good enough to shoot up to at least 3200 ISO, so I see little downside unless one shoot most of their images indoors and/or in very minimal light. I've had 3 friends buy the same kit after shooting with mine and seeing some of my images and all of us are quite satisfied.

As for the gardens, here's their website with interesting history articulated. If you ever come out to the SF Bay Area, definitely a not to be missed (and free) place to enjoy nature.


Thanks for the details Den. Looks like we were 11 years too early to visit this garden when we were there in 1970.
Just curious, where do call home now? I was at Kent State when the tragedy took place in 1970, moved out to Santa Cruz shortly afterwards, been here ever since.

We are in Phoenix, AZ, since 1994. Before that we were on the east coast (PA and NJ). Kent State will always be defined in my mind by the photo of the young woman by the student who was shot.
Yep, I was about 50 feet away in the crowd of protesters, and my then girlfriend, now wife, was in a nearby dorm and was one of many who called for ambulances. We graduated that quarter without having to attend any more classes, just mail in finals and got the heck out of there for graduate school out here. Spent my career as an academic at UC, Santa Cruz, now happily retired.

That photo still haunts me every time I view it.

Wow. So much our generation shares.

I was at Oregon State for the candle vigil for the tragedy at Kent State, and we were told that cops and firemen were at the railroad tracks just before our destination of the courthouse. We decided to GO. And we were MET. By cops and firemen, with candles, to join our march and who said, what happened at Kent State isn't right. I've loved Oregon ever since.

But, couldn't find a job there at the time. Came back to SF area, live in San Mateo, had a 35 year plus career within the photo industry.
Quite the positive comment on Oregon, great to hear.
We sure need a greater number of caring people now more than ever in our very troubled country.

Stay well,