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for the DP1


New Member
I know that this thread asks not to be about a specific camera model but I purchased a Sigma because of the large sensor / small body camera the DP1. Prior to this exposure I was only remotely aware of the foveon chip. Now that I am using the camera I wish other manufacturers also used / developed this type of sensor.
Hallo damaclau,
welcome to the forum.:z04_photos:
As Sigma has taken over Foveon, I think there is no chance to see the
sensor in other than Sigma cameras.
But the future will show.
If you scan down the variuos threads you will see a lot of opinons and meenings about the future of Sigma and Foveon.
Have fun
Hi, damaclau!

I'd like to welcome you here too and look forward to seeing some of your work sometime.

Sincere regards, Jim R.
New dp1x owner ...... Still have nikons lol

Hi guys having read so much about the pocket sigmas I bought one of eBay amazing little camera might sway me towards buying a sd1 if they release it before June you guys are a real asset to sigma and now I can see why!