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Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro

Manzur Fahim

Well-Known Member
I managed to find a mint condition FinePix S5 Pro. Always wanted to have a CCD sensor camera, and this camera sensor has some unique characteristics. Also it has a nikon F mount lens. I don't have a nikon lens, but did try out a lens from someone and the camera works fine. Now just need to get me a cheap nikon lens just to sometime use this beauty.

Photo taken with Fujifilm GFX 100 + Fujifilm GF110mmF2



oh, to bring old memories back again. I only had a short time a FinePix S5 Pro. I was hesitating between FinePix S5 Pro, Nikon D200 and Sigma SD14.

I found the concept of that sensor very interesting, but my problem was at that time to find a good image editing program for the raw files, since Fuji (as always with their APS-C cameras) was doing everything differently :)

So I sold it and sticked to the Sigma SD14. Another diva for another story...